About Chemistream

Chemistream, providing high-performance cloud computing simulations for various chemistry applications, was developed by Dr. Scott Sides as an offshoot of Tech-X, which has specialized in physics simulation software since 1994. Although countless companies would benefit from access to chemistry simulation software, many small and medium-sized companies lack the resources to obtain it. Lowering the barrier of entry could equip a new market to make advances in pharmaceuticals, materials, and other industries. Chemistream was designed with this in mind, making high-level computational software more accessible to the general user.

Chemistream leverages cloud computing resources, combined with open-source software and machine learning libraries, to provide the most cutting-edge software in an easy-to-use app for the user. Chemistreams bundle includes many tools from the Department of Energy (including QMCPack, NWChem, LAMMPS, SPPARKS), the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (STREAMM and RLMolecule), and other open-source code providers to allow for many different workflows covering numerous topics. Chemistream does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes allowing users to bypass all the required installations and dirty work.

The workflows provided in Chemistream represent a broad array of ideas and sub-topics in chemistry for niche applications. This is where the software thrives; general developments in open-source computational chemistry require a lot of upfront work and research to be utilized or to fit new markets’ applications. Within this software, that work has already been done. Ease-of-use from varying open-source projects is all bundled into one convenient box: Chemistream.